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Commission custom medical illustration

My art has been published in medical journals, books, apps, games, and presented around the globe. The surgical sequences I have created for research have introduced pioneering new techniques, and my animated illustrations feature in virtual reality surgery. In the games industry I consult as a concept artist on the visual design of injury, disease, and special effects in games and animation.

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Digital or traditional, big project or small; if you would like me to design for you, give me an idea of what you need via the form below:

Useful information to figure out a quote: - What would you like illustrated? - What is the purpose of the illustration(s); what message do you want to communicate? - Where will the art be used? e.g. in a book, research paper, website, magazine - Medium: e.g. pencil, or digital painting - Size / resolution - Deadline: when do you need the work?