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I'm Ciléin Kearns, a Doctor and Medical Illustrator who draws from a background in the video games industry to create Medical Illustration with a retro games-inspired twist. My art & animations feature on TV, Public Health campaigns, and have been published in journals, books, apps, and posters. My experience includes Creative direction of campaigns for Public Health, clinical research recruitment & dissemination, and design of medical apps.

I have published research and speak internationally on improving healthcare by combining skills from Entertainment Media and Medicine. To discuss commissioning me for a project, get in touch here.


I believe in the power of storytelling for engaging an audience and communicating ideas memorably. Simplification, removal of unhelpful detail, and accentuation of the core information are cornerstones of medical illustration. These tenets blend seamlessly with cartoons and comics, which I have found to be a wonderful medium to express medicine meaningfully.

Surgical illustration

I have been fascinated by Plastic & Reconstructive surgery since a project on Cleft Palate repair in medical school. I was hooked after seeing the transformative effect on children and parents as eating and speaking became possible, and they stopped being discriminated by appearance. As an Academic Foundation Doctor I illustrated research and training materials while rotating through Plastic Surgery, Burns, Dermatology, and acute General Surgery. I continue to illustrate new techniques, case reports, and other cutting edge research in the field.

Editorial art

I enjoy creating editorial art to help open medical science up for wider audiences, encouraging topical discussion on healthcare issues. This has included art for News publications, TV broadcasting, media press releases, books, and social media.

Personal projects

In medical school, instead of writing notes I built mental images of lecture and book content to help me understand and remember concepts. I can now share these with future generations of medical trainees, and do so with my ‘Medical Mentalism’ project, by illustrating differential diagnoses for important symptoms and sharing these through social media.

Posterior forearm anatomy

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If you'd like me to illustrate for you, then get in touch here. 

Some of the wonderful clients I've designed for: