Medical illustration portfolio

I'm Dr Ciléin Kearns, a medical illustrator who draws from an odd background in healthcare and the video games industry. My medical art has been published in journals, books, apps, games, and presented around the globe. Uses range from illustrating new surgical techniques in research publications, to designing animated illustrations for virtual reality surgery videos. If you'd like to commission some art: get in touch

 Posterior forearm muscle anatomy illustration.

Posterior forearm muscle anatomy illustration.

Normal patterns of hair loss in men and women. Illustration for a Dermatology paper published on interpreting hair loss patterns, and investigation and management of alopecia in General Practice.

Neurosurgery illustration sequence for a publication on brain aneurysm management via clipping.

Circle of Willis shown in context on the brain stem, with aneurysms in situ. A catastrophic aneurysm rupture is shown on the right. I designed these illustrations for a publication on brain aneuysms - why they matter and how Neurosurgeons manage them.

Bronchoscopy illustration for Carl Reiner (a company that works closely with Anaesthetists and Surgeons to design medical equipment.). The light in this equipment helps anaesthetists safely perform tracheostomies by correlation with its surface appearance on the skin.

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