Sharing policy

As a creator, my ability to keep making art is dependent on people being able to find who made it (Dr Ciléin Kearns), and the original source context (Artibiotics). Re-uploading and editing content without permission is copyright infringement. Sharing without credit further damages creators, and is very unprofessional in the medical field. Ideally, share links to the original content rather than re-uploading. My policy for sharing:

Personal use

If you are sharing to a personal social media account, which is not associated with any for-profit activity, then I am okay with sharing limited content, if credited as follows:

At the start of the description credit with “Medical Illustration by Dr Ciléin Kearns (Artibiotics)”, and provide a link to my website or account on that platform. You must not edit the image in any way (do not filter, crop, add or remove text, etc).

Business use

If you wish to share on a business account, promote/advertise services, publish in any format (e.g. research, books, news), or have any for-profit activity associated with the account, then you must get in touch for permission / licensing.

If you wish to use in teaching resources and the students have to pay to attend (e.g. University, online courses) then this counts as a business use and the art must be licensed.

If you see my art stolen

You can help by calling it out, tagging my account, and commenting with the credit: “Medical Illustration by Dr Ciléin Kearns (Artibiotics)”.

Thanks for the support!